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CustoMem joins Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy 100 as Emerging Innovator

We are excited to join the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy 100 as an Emerging Innovator, an exciting collaborative approach to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Established to enable organisations to develop new practices within a circular economy, the CE100 programme brings together members from across the economy to provide unique opportunities for multi-stakeholder collaboration. We are honoured to join this collaborative programme of fellow organisations sharing our drive towards a sustainable future with circular usage of materials, in our case biomaterials and water. The profile of the existing members of the programme really speaks for itself, and we welcome

CustoMem Wins Transformational €1.4m (£1.2m) Grant From Horizon 2020

CustoMem, founded in 2015 by two Imperial College London graduates, Henrik Hagemann and Gabi Santosa, has received a substantial €1.4m grant that will accelerate its pilot phase. The award will enable the company to bring its next generation granular media, optimised to capture and recycle specific challenging micropollutants found in industrial waste water, to market. “This is a game-changing grant for us,” explained CustoMem CEO Henrik Hagemann. “Our products’ superior performance and cost-effectiveness have been validated in our laboratory and initial trials with clients. This grant enables us to scale up to industrial pilot trials of greater than 100 m3/day flow rates.” “With under 3 per

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