Chemistry Futures 2040: The Celebration of Chemistry

(Source: Imperial College of London)

We are excited to be joining the celebrations for 150 years of the Periodic Table of the Elements this year in the Chemistry Futures 2040 event hosted by Imperial College of London and Science Museum.

Chemistry Futures 2040 will explore the futures of chemistry through specialist industry workshops, interactive discussions and insight from Imperial College of London’s expert academics. The event will gather an audience of industry partners, policymakers, start-ups and academics in the chemistry scene, who can look forward to an afternoon of technological breakthroughs, controversial visions and potential discipline evolution.

Henrik Hagemann, our CEO, will join the panel discussion on chemistry innovation on April 12th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. The panel will explore the many applications of chemistry innovation, as well as the convergence of non-traditional disciplines into the world of chemistry.

This event will be held in the Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) and will officially launch MSRH as the first academic laboratories on Imperial College London’s new White City Campus. MRSH provides a research home for the Department of Chemistry and encourages collaborative scientific work between scientists, clinicians, engineers, and business partners. To experience this unique network and be inspired by future of chemistry, register here now!

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