London - The Global Capital of Molecular Sciences Revolution

In April, Imperial College London opened the $167 million Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH) on its White City Campus, making it UK’s most remarkable scientific development since the Francis Crick Institute.

Bringing together over 800 scientists, engineers, clinicians and business partners under the same roof, the MSRH aims to break conventional barriers between scientific disciplines and provide full support for innovative molecular-based science and engineering solutions to global challenges such as energy and sustainability.

Henrik speaking with the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

The Hub was opened by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan with Imperial’s President Alice Gast, Chair of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition for 1851 Bernard Taylor, and Science Museum Group Chair Dame Mary Archer.

Speaking the launch event, the Mayor said: “London is the leading city in the world for scientific research and development – and the pioneering MSRH is yet more evidence that our capital is open to innovation and talent.” He also spoke about his tours around the laboratories and meetings with entrepreneurs based in White City, praising the global talent at the Hub.

CEO Henrik also had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the Mayor about CustoMem and our work. Says Henrik, “It’s great to meet fellow cleantech fans and particularly striking when those happen to be mayors of one of the greatest cities in Europe. We’re humbled by the Mayor’s keen interest in water safety and keen to deliver on the promise that biotech holds for this crucial sector”

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