Meet our Product Development Starters

December 23, 2019

During 2019 Puraffinity bases for its growth attracting exceptional identified with providing a positive impact in the environment. Therefore, our Product Development Team acquired talented members that we are proud to introduce Nathan Clemence and Tamara Boltersdorf.


Tamara Boltersdorf (DE) – Senior Product Development Scientist.

Tamara completed her undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of Oxford and her PhD and postdoc with Prof Nicholas Long at Imperial College London, where her research focussed on designing optical imaging probes to visualise inflammation.

“What drew me to working for Puraffinity was the use of molecular recognition principles to develop products that could have a real impact on drinking water quality”





Nathan Clemence (UK) - Senior Process Chemist Safety Head.


Nathan gained a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, as a collaboration with Kodak producing photographic dyes.  He then moved to Prague for two years, for a post-doc position working on synthesis of helicenes, followed by a post-doc at the University of Manchester, making catalysts for fuel cells.  Nathan has  subsequently spent over five years in pharmaceutical chemistry at Eli Lilly/AMRI.


“I want to do chemistry, I'm especially motivated by working on an environmental issue, and I'm impressed with how this company got started.”



We’re excited to have these amazing scientists join the Puraffinity and already benefitting from their great input.



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