Meet Patricia, Puraffinity's New Lead Water Engineer.

With the continued growth plans of Puraffinity, we continue building out the team by attracting industry seasoned experts with a passion for sustainability. As such, we are excited to announce a newly joined expert in water treatment solutions and chemistry in our new Principal Water Engineer, Dr Patricia Calderon.

Patricia has 16 years water industry experience in Europe, UK and Australia, with just over 12 years at Veolia's operation division and 4 years at CH2M Hill.

Her field of expertise includes industrial water treatment in Pharma, Oil and Gas, Automotive and Food & Beverage; seawater desalination, and municipal water and wastewater treatment. She has experience of the full project cycle including research, design, commissioning, operations, project management and commercial bid submissions.

Academically, she has completed a PhD in Chemistry from the University of New South Wales, Sydney. She is keen to apply her industry water expertise to drive up and implement Puraffinity's ground-breaking water technology to market.

When asked about what encouraged her to join the team as opposed to a large corporate environment, Patricia comments:

“I would like to be part of company doing innovation from ground up, starting with discovery and delivering it all the way through. Normally in big corporations they would have an innovations department and the projects would just end there, which feels disjointed.

In contrast, startups like Puraffinity are very focused and take innovations all the way through.”

In her spare time, Patricia enjoys running including a marathon now and then, pottery and hiking. She also brings an important international perspective to the team, as the first Australian in the highly diverse Puraffinity team.

Patricia started in her new role last December, and we’re excited to see her taking over on this crucial role.

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