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Puraffinity is featured as a top start-up helping corporations become sustainable in Valuer magazine

SDG Forecast by Valuer is based on the SDG6 and explains how three start-ups can collaborate with corporations to achieve their goals.

Every month, Valuer publishes an issue that focuses on a different Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). By looking in more detail at the progress of the goal in question, it covers various aspects of how the business sector can play an essential role in achieving its aspirations.

The publication shows the way that Valuer can help corporations find solutions that align with their corporate sustainability goals. For this reason, Puraffinity has been included in a feature on three start-ups that fit the objective of SDG 6. This ensures access to water and sanitation for all.

There are different types of water pollution and between them there are micropollutants that threaten human health. This creates opportunities for the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Market worth $ 22.9 billion in the following 10 years.

Valuer has recognised Unilever and Gap as corporations who are doing a remarkable job at being more sustainable. They are doing this by targeting their water overconsumption and addressing household water use in their final products.

From there, the publisher takes a deeper look into Puraffinity since it was founded by Henrik Hagemann and Gabriella Santosa in 2015. The company has been awarded international prizes and received mentions in publications such as Forbes list “30 under 30 2019” in the manufacturing range. In their words, Puraffinity stands for “Purification of water & environment and molecular affinity for targeted capture of chemicals.”

Reviewing the product, Puraffinity provides Customizable Biobased Material for Capturing and Recycling Micropollutants in Water. These hazardous chemicals are called Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and are used in a diverse range of products from firefighting foam, cookware, food packing and clothes to many more. The production facilities of these substances are disposing untreated water into mainstreams which results in contamination of drinking water.

Our technology CGM is primarily based on targeted materals like cellulose, an abundant organic polymer. It is more efficient in eliminating pollutants, has higher adsorption compared to traditional adsorbent materials and is up to 40% cheaper than competitors. This in turn makes the treatment process eco-friendly. The way this technology has been engineered enables Puraffinity stand out in front of their competition.

It is expected that by 2026 the industrial wastewater treatment market will be worth $16.60 billion.

If you wish to learn more please follow the link:

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