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Learnings from the London Climate Action Week

Last week Puraffinity learned from the second summit of the LCAW, the largest independent climate change event in Europe. The diverse ecosystem of institutions that cohabitate in the city, starting from the Mayor of London, the private sector, scientific figures and the community, strategize about the climate crisis and the road map to Net-Zero.

The highlights were Green, fair and resilient recovery; Road to COP26; Whole of society climate action; Sustainable, net-zero London.

We learned that to reach a sustainable future; world leaders are committed to a fair, equitable and green Covid-19 recovery. Also, the developing economies must be provided with resources to reach their full potential in a greenway.

To face the climate emergency requires a “whole of society climate action”. We must create tiny changes in every corner of our society, bringing strategic changes to achieve Net-Zero. London is the leading promoter of evolution.

London is an example of creativity, innovation and resilience. The impact of Covid-19 marks a not turning back schedule. Therefore, efforts are required to achieve recovery with the least sequels possible.

We look forward to COP26, as a checkpoint to dissection and sensing needs, to analyze and elaborate in-depth the changes required by each sector. The appointment is in Glasgow, October 2021.

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