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Puraffinity awarded CleanTech Company of the Year

On Thursday, 4 February, over 300 guests from across West London gathered online for the West London Business Awards' eighth edition.

The ceremony usually occurs at the Twickenham Stadium, but this year the organiser put together a TV host and live entertainment broadcasted online. They ensured that every guest was dressed for the occasion and had drinks and food delivered, keeping everyone interested and safe.

It didn't take long until the prizes started to flood our screen. The petit committee representing us couldn't stop their excitement when the host announced Puraffinity CleanTech Company of the Year.

It is an honour to represent the CleanTech Sector. We innovate to deliver sustainable solutions. We embrace our ethos by developing groundbreaking technology and performance to provide safe drinking water and ensuring that the tiniest resource we use also has the smallest footprint on our planet.

We want to thank the West London Business Awards and our direct community for the support and courage.

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