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Targeted Treatment is Key for Sustainable Water Treatment is the leading online media for the biotech and innovation industry in Europe. Their team of experienced journalists produces daily analyses and insights so you can stay up to date and well informed. They review the significance of targeted treatment solutions like biotech for the Water Treatment Sector.

Regardless of the importance of water for human existence, the industry's processes are often general safety-focused and over 100 years old. Targeted treatment holds vital features that bring innovation to the industry, making it sustainable and more efficient.

"As a planet, we need to address the water-energy-food nexus and think of how we can sustainably provide compact solutions that fit in an increasingly urbanized, highly populated world," Henrik Hagemann - Puraffinity - CEO

With an imminent climate crisis, sustainable and efficient water treatment is more necessary than ever before, especially for industrial wastewater contaminants at large scales, where technology (such as using advanced materials) that targets pollution removes these pollutants like PFAS.

Another example of innovation is Novozyme, a Danish giant of industrial biotech applications that has started developing water treatment solutions in recent years; they target waste with enzymes trying to dry out sludge seating in water treatment plants.

Other companies bring water filtration processes engineered by nature as Aquaporin. Its CEO Peter Holme Jensen decided to create large-scale water filters using proteins and traditional water filters.

What's exciting about this field is that you can move from an initial phase of 'capture, concentrate, and destroy' to the second phase of 'capture, concentrate, and reuse' when dealing with targeted capture of high industrial utility compounds," said Hagemann.

There is a long way to go to reach acceptable levels of sustainability in the world. Water being the most extensive and primary resource to sustain human life, innovation is vital to promote change.

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