At Puraffinity we combine leading expertise in biobased materials and organic synthesis with supra-molecular chemistry, the study of (non-covalent) interactions between different molecules. We develop, manufacture and deploy novel adsorbent materials that bind contaminants of emerging concern in water.

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Bio-Based Materials


Cellulose is the most abundant polymer on the planet and is an under-utilised raw material for high performance products. 


Cellulose and its derivatives are increasingly being developed for chemistry and materials applications as part of the transition to a biobased economy. At Puraffinity we are leveraging this growing knowledge base to develop advanced adsorbents.


Our processed cellulose provides the structural properties and scaffold onto which we attach specific molecular receptors that bind the target contaminants.

Molecular Receptors


We apply leading expertise in supramolecular chemistry to design and synthesize novel molecular receptors. These are chemical groups designed to have particular shapes and properties so that they interact most strongly with a defined target molecule. Under the correct conditions, receptors attached to a solid scaffold will selectively bind to their particular target compounds, removing the target from a fluid stream. Other components, which do not strongly interact, pass through.

We maximise this chemistry expertise by combing it with cutting edge experimental design, high throughput screening and data analysis to rapidly formulate, test and optimise novel products.